A/B Testing Dilrukshi Adam

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This is the radical change in the 6 step process we were discussing in the submission 1 under A/B testing.

How will this change

In this 6 step model, we have changed the words on the 6 steps and changed the process slightly where the interface will assist you when you select the category

Changes in Images

Slide1.PNG Slide2.PNG Slide3.PNG Slide4.PNG Slide5.PNG Slide6.PNG Slide7.PNG Slide8.PNG Slide10.PNG

Video link to this process

You will see Adam performing this task from this video ( apology for noise )- https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bw6toVLDy4plcm1LNnJrOWVRZVE/view

Results of the Usability

This interface ( with a slides as a paper prototype given to a user who is a graduate student who is a regular at freelancer and found less confusing other than the points mention in the call-outs.

We are yet to perform realtime with interface and will have more results by then.