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We want to:

-incentivize productive behaviour

-find niches in the project

-make sure if there's a ranking it ranks people's sense of what goes on

-ensure that people on the author list deserve to be on the list

- not an overwhelming amount of work

- transparent


  • Michael needs some way to create something like equivalence classes - we need something that "gives the thing teeth"
  • We need some sort of ranking for Author order on papers
  • People are short on time so something quick and easy is required
  • Keeping track of contributions is an onerous task
  • If ratings are not done frequently people quickly forget about others' contributions
  • A lot of work goes on that others aren't aware of


  • The Author Order/Ranking should be based on contributions to the crowdsourcing research project
  • Milestones should be clearly outlined each week with a DRI appointed
  • People who want to contribute to Milestones should sign up on the relevant Trello cards
  • DRI keeps track of who contributes what during that weeks' milestone work
  • At the end of each week, the DRIs list contributors for each milestone in the order of percentage of contribution - first being the top contributor and the last place as having contributed the least. The DRI will put the ranked list of contributors for each milestone into the #announcements channel in Slack by the weekly DRI deadline set by @rajanvaish
  • Together the researchers can decide how heavily weighted each Milestone is for each week. For example, one week might look like: programming milestone - de-bug and launch the platform 80% weighting, onboarding newcomers 5% weighting, Design milestone 5% weighting and Open-Gov experiment Milestone 10% weighting. Or whatever - each Trello card Milestone could be equally weighted - the group could decide.

The Author Ranking for papers will be calculated from these contributions.

By doing this, no one has to submit onerous contribution sheets, or spend time each week ranking/voting on each other's contributions. This is open and transparent. People will clearly be able to see contributions and what areas are weighted more heavily so they can make smart decisions about in which area they want to spend their time.

Comments/suggestions/iterations welcome!