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We're going to experiment with a badge reward system, to recognize contributions and focus on ownership of tasks which would lead to the design and development of our project. To integrate badges on Slack, we're using (please use same email as Slack to sign up for it). Learn more below:


The section is divided into #categories (like #milestonesubmissions) and #badge hashtags (like #phdstudent)


  • #aspiringresearcher - for submitting a milestone
  • #bestpaper - exceptional milestone submission
  • #alwaysalearner - for learning new skills and topics


  • #itsalive - first code merged into GitHub
  • #artisan - 100 lines of code merged
  • #mastercoder - 1000 lines of code merged
  • #bugcatcher - Fixed a bug
  • #inventor - Created and coded a new feature
  • #publication - getting something live


  • #designer - proposed a new UI design that gets adopted
  • #designthinker - rapid prototyper
  • #uxresearcher - Engaged with real users for feedback


  • #ambassador - Community management contributions
  • #superhero - above-and-beyond effort
  • #ivoted - for people participate in voting and decision making! (sometimes, there might be posts requiring voting)
  • #dri - for people DRIing various efforts!
  • #buddy - for people helping with being onboarding buddy


  • #winterstar - for star contributions in the winter quarter
  • #citation - if someone builds on your work (your code, your idea, etc)
  • #archivist - contribution of great documentation
  • #hangout - for being selected to join google hangout on air video


  • #idea - for coming up with an important idea that we build on
  • #brainstorm - for being a very productive contributor to a brainstorm


Anybody can give a badge to each other (only possible when the other person is registered on However, currently everyone possesses 50 badges to give/month - this can change based on your feedback and how we're using it. Please note that you can ONLY give 1 unit to one person at a time.

To give a badge, go to #badges channel on Slack. And type command in this format ([#badge hashtag] is optional, but would be nice to have):

/give [amount] to [slackusername] for [reason][#category hashtag][#badge hashtag]

For example, if I want to give a badge to @geza for his help to build the meteor site where we submit milestones. Here's what we can command:

/give 1 to @geza for helping build the milestone submission site #codecontributions #publication

Please only use the hashtags mentioned above, a different hashtag won't be registered. For new suggestions, post on #badges channel on Slack and ping @rajanvaish.


The website supporting our badges: