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We're going to experiment with a badge reward system, to recognize contributions and focus on ownership of tasks which would lead to the design and development of our project. Learn more below:


The section is divided into #categories and #badge hashtags


  • #phdstudent - 1 milestone contributed
  • #assistantprofessor - 3 milestones contributed
  • #associateprofessor - 5 milestones contributed
  • #fullprofessor - 10 milestones contributed
  • #bestpaper - exceptional milestone submission


  • #itsalive - first code merged into GitHub
  • #artisan - 100 lines of code merged
  • #mastercoder - 1000 lines of code merged
  • #bugcatcher - Fixed a bug
  • #inventor - Created and coded a new feature
  • #publication - getting something live


  • #designer - proposed a new UI design that gets adopted
  • #designthinker - rapid prototyper
  • #uxresearcher - Engaged with real users for feedback


  • #ambassador - Community management contributions
  • #superhero - above-and-beyond effort
  • #siren - bring new users into the fold
  • #socialmediaguru - Publicity contributions


  • #springstar - for star contributions in the spring quarter
  • #citation - if someone builds on your work (your code, your idea, etc)
  • #archivist - contribution of great documentation


Anybody can give badge to each other. However, currently everyone possesses 30 badges to give/month, i.e. 1 badge/day - this can change based on your feedback and how we're using it. But use it wisely. Please note that you can ONLY give 1 unit to one person at a time.

To give a badge, go to #badges channel on Slack. And type this command:

/give [amount] to [slackusername] for [reason][#category hashtag][#badge hashtag]

For example, if I want to give a badge to @geza for his help to build the meteor site where we submit milestones. Here's what we can command:

/give 1 to @geza for helping build the milestone submission site #codecontributions #publication