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Welcome to Daemo!

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We envision our research project, Daemo, to become the next-generation crowdsourcing platform that fulfills the unmet needs of workers and requesters alike. To this end, we are conducting several experiments to gather input from real workers and requesters that would help us make Daemo the best it could be.

The following experiments and surveys will be used as part of our research project and your answers will be recorded but anonymized. By participating, you are agreeing to have any data you enter used for research.

Daemo is a crowdsourced research project built with passion by researchers, workers and requesters from over xx countries. We really appreciate your participation!

Boomerang Reputation Experiment

Boomerang is a reputation system designed to incentivize workers and requesters to rate each other honestly: the ratings they give will directly affect their future experiences on the platform.

For onboarding Requesters

For onboarding Workers

Prototype Task Experiment

Prototype task is an intermediate feedback mode where workers can test each task's design and provide comments to help improve it. This helps create an environment that fosters task clarity and positive worker-requester relationships.

For onboarding Requesters

For onboarding Workers

For any questions or feedback, you may reach us at: (email here)

Prototype Tasks