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Computed on 02/08/2017 2:48 PM EST

Based on your votes at the CI author ranking form. A version of the PageRank algorithm was used to compute final scores. The code is here

markwhiting score=0.099551096145

dilrukshi score=0.0957607363026

michaelbernstein score=0.0843944161117

shirish.goyal score=0.0835680862605

anotherhuman score=0.0752213612361

dmajeti score=0.0681104932027

arichmondfuller score=0.0636448952698

m.kambal score=0.0549610866703

neilthemathguy score=0.0527419939213

sarmatejas score=0.0519549121735

rajanvaish score=0.0429203623602

vinayak score=0.0379720012837

manojpandey score=0.0378750398647

-- threshold = 0.036 --

catherinemullings score=0.034670926052

nalinc score=0.0333010870562

teogenesmoura score=0.0315912082409

sehgalvibhor score=0.0274311331854

akshansh47 score=0.0243291646634


Michael, Rajan and Neil will go at the end of the author list no matter where we appear in this list.