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This page contains frequently encountered errors while setting up or writing code for the Crowdsource Platform project.

Common Errors While Raising A Pull Request

After raising a Pull Request (PR), please visit your PR again. In some cases, you might encounter some errors that are listed here. These issues are indicated by flags similar to what is pictured here.
As appears in Pull Request list
As appears in your Pull Request

Not all contributors have signed the Contributor License Agreement

You can resolve this issue by clicking on Details or by clicking here.

Build Failed

In this case, an automatic build of your code by the system has failed. You can click on Details to see your error.

I see strange >, < and = appear in my code

These signs appear when there is a conflict between your code and the code on the server. These conflicts are indicated by

   <<<<<<< HEAD
       some code here

which indicates the code present on server and

   >>>>>>> a strange number (your commit)
       your code here

which indicates your code that has conflicts with the code on server. Resolving means removing one of these blocks along with the strange marks and force committing again.

Common Errors While Setting Up

While setting up your project, you might encounter some errors. Some of the most common errors are listed here:

import error cannot import name incomplete read

When you try installing something using pip you might encounter this error. This means that the installation of your pip is broken. You can reinstall it using the following commands one by one:


    sudo apt-get remove python-pip
    sudo python

npm install error

In case you spot EACCES or Please try running this command again as root/Administrator, you should run the command as an Administrator/root:

Ubuntu or Mac OS X

   sudo npm install ...