Conditional Delegated Vote Proposal

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Liquid democracy, aka delegative democracy, is a method of voting that might be seen as a compromise between both representative and absolute democratic voting methods. In representative democracies, votes are cast by an elected representative, whom might not vote the way your desire. Think US electoral system. In an absolute democracy, you must vote on all issues or face consequences. Think Switzerland. Delegative democracy allows you to give your vote to a representative, as well as take it away from that representative. People can collect votes in campaigns and cast those votes.

The levels of delegating voting allowance are conditional to the following situations. 1. votes are announced prior to meeting with a minimal level of detailed information for an informed vote. a minimal level means that the description of the issue to be voted upon enables a person to determine impacts of a vote outcome upon the issue. 2. the vote context consists of a hard deadline and a timeframe for voting within a meetin space or channel. Personally, the delegated vote occurs after a user has 1. expressed publicly the inability to vote due to absence As a result of this user condition and the voting context, a user can be enabled to utilize a delegated (fluid or liquid or... ) vote.