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This aspect of the assignment deals primarily with three aspects - how to make your voice heard, how to deal with representations of workers and requesters and looking at open governance on Daemo!

As I was brainstorming, I just thought around the following patterns elaborating on the ideas already mentioned above.

MOTIVATION - Is it possible to predict or pin down errors in task design or any other step in the process so that obtained results are much more closer to the expected ones?

WORKAROUND - as and when the user is able to monitor progress, maybe we can analyze the data up to that point in time and then extrapolate the results and match them (maybe tweak the process if expectations are not met). This is how the requester might look to establish his authority in the system.

Of course, a worker must be informed about the task, its design, the expected outcomes, final objective and the related risks involved etc. Now, if the matter in question is bound under certain conditions as confidential etc., what about the clarity of the task and its outcome? the task may be posted up with restricted access ( eg: qualifications are necessary etc.) and closely/personally monitored with respect to a closely related group of workers; but the instructions need to be crystal clear else, the outputs may be erroneous resulting in wasted effort;