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Milestone 4

This submission is in the OP/GOV category and explores an effective mode of communication between the workers and requester by introducing a system called 'Connect'

Connect: An Introduction

Crowdsourcing platforms offer an excellent opportunity for people across the globe to gain meaningful temporary employment that not only helps them financially but also aims to provide them with the mental satisfaction associated with being a contributing member of the society. However there are many issues that plague the current crowdsourcing platforms the foremost of them is that the workers do not have a voice in the system and the requesters have no certainty about the quality of work they can expect for the workers working on their HITs. This leads to a lot of mutual suspicion between the workers and requesters which more often than not translates into friction. We propose a model which attempts to address this issue.

.This problem has attracted various attempts of redressal. The most successful seems to be the Turckopticon forum, which acts as an add on the the Amazon Mechanical Turk platform. It provides the turkers with a platform to engage and learn from each other's experiences.

One of the primary concerns of the turkers is that they do not get adequate feedback on their work. Sometimes rejections are total surprise to them. Unexpected rejections lead to a drop in the worker’s rating which limits both the quality and quantity of work they are eligible for. The workers crave interaction with requesters and more importantly genuine feedback on their work so that they can avoid future disappointments. Requesters on the other hand want to feel empathy for the workers, but are swamped with unmanageable amount of emails which are humanly impossible to respond to. We propose a unique solution to this problem in form of a privileged communication channel between the workers and the requesters.

We propose a system where the workers and the requesters can communicate with each other and have their needs addressed without being flooded by unmanageable amount of communication. We propose a direct channel called ‘Connect’ between the workers and the requesters for each HIT. This will allow the worker to clarify any questions that he may have while performing the HIT as well as during review by the requester. We introduce a points system, wherein the worker will only be able to message a requester if he has a certain number of points and each message he sends will cost him a fixed amount of points. The requester on his side can choose from a list of options and set a ‘message value’, which each worker is charged when he messages the requester. If a requester finds the conversation meaningful he can publish it for the benefit of other workers performing the same HIT. The requester also has an additional option where he can waive off the points charged to the worker if he thinks that the questions that the worker had needed genuine clarification.

The worker is assigned points based on his reputation. The higher his experience and reputation the more points he gets, which he can use to message requesters for clarification and protect his ratings. The points are renewed after a certain number of HITs have been performed by the said worker thus ensuring he has enough points to address genuine questions at the same time effectively filtering out spam messages to the requester. We also have a ‘loan’ feature built in which allows the worker to borrow a certain amount of points to message a requester against his future ‘quota’ of points,which are made available to him at a fixed cost which is a fixed percentage of future points cost. This ensures that the worker can communicate his current concerns by effectively borrowing from the future.


This milestone is bought to you by Vinayak Mathur. Slack : @vinayak