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(Team Members)
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==Team Members ==
==Team Members ==
* Lead Neil Gaikwad
* '''Directly-Responsible Individual (DRI)''' Neil Gaikwad
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Help create dummy data for defined schema


  1. PostgreSQL
  • User Management
    • Login
    • Create Account
    • User Roles
    • User Profiles
  • Dashboard for workers
    • List of Available jobs
    • Selecting a desired job.
    • Executing & Submit the job
    • Profile with list of jobs completed and payment accumulated.
    • Publish tasks
  • Dashboard for requestors
    • Create Project & design Tasks
    • Create Qualification
    • Publish Tasks
    • Review Results
    • Mechanisms for viewing the jobs that workers executed.
    • Profile with list of jobs that were requested and the amount of money spent on each.
  • Data supporting above functionalities

Analytics for Ranking (Neil)

Team Members

  • Directly-Responsible Individual (DRI) Neil Gaikwad
Member Operation Dataset
Neil Fetch external ranking data