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Axure Link

Login Credentials

Level 4 Worker

Username : Roberta
Password : Roberta

New Worker

Username : Steve
Password : Steve


Username : Alan
Password : Alan

Note : The Task Flow displayed for Task Authoring is for Creating Actual Task and not Prototype Task, in case you got into the protoype flow please click on CANCEL button

Login Screen


Dashboard View - Level 4 worker

Action : Click on TaskFeed (Top Nav bar)


We need to include a summary of approved and rejected tasks in the dashboard. For level 4 workers, they will only see rejection information. For lower levels, they need to see more data. Most likely it will look like a table: Requester, task name, outcome, notes.

Task Feed View - Level 4 worker

Action : Click on "Reject" Button


Task Feed View - Reject task - Level 4 worker

Action : Select any radio button

Task rejectionl4.png

Task Feed View - Reject task Success Message - Level 4 worker

Task rejection successl4.png

Task Feed View - Post Reject Task - Level 4 worker

Taskfeed post rejl4.png

Task review Screen - Level 4 worker

Action : Rate Task by selecting any radio Button and Click Submit

Task reviewl4.png

Dashboard - New worker

New worker.png

Task Feed - New worker

Taskfeed new worker.png

Task Rejection - New worker

Task rejection.png

My Tasks - New worker

Myprojects newworker.png

Requester : Creating a New Project


Requester : Creating a task Step 1 of 3


Requester : Creating a task Step 2 of 3


Requester : Creating a task Step 3 of 3


Requester : My Projects View