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Open Governance through managed services- Adopting a managed service model

While the term Managed Service Provider may be somewhat generic these days, there are many types of MSPs who deliver specific services or manage specific types of customers

Managed services is the practice of outsourcing day-to-day management responsibilities and functions as a strategic method for improving operations and cutting expenses.[1]

Management is all about managing people. A manager is involved in managing a set of people on different parameters. In today’s world the task of a Managed service provider is to manage day to day management responsibilities & functions as a method to improve operations & cut down on the expense. A “pure play” MSP focuses on management services as its core offering.

Crowdsourcing in IT

Essentially an IT project has different phases, discovery phase, design & development phase, analysis/testing phase, today customers are intelligent enough and they prefer not to keep all the apples in one basket, in order to nurture a competitive environment and avoid the risk they outsource each of these phases to different IT vendors. The advantage is to get specialized services from resources specialized in a particular domain or a skill.However, stitching the 3 pieces together involves a hectic job which further can be outsourced to a MSP who are specialized in doing the job.

In a broader perspective the objective of an MSP can be defined as

  • Running the business
  • Growing the Business
  • Transforming the business

Critical problem(s) in the area

Some of the critical problems in this area are as follows

  • Respect for Workers
  • Task rejections
  • Multiple Iteration
  • No fair wage
  • No safeguard mechanism of creative work especially work related to design

However the above problems are specific to a system or a platform, if we take a holistic view the problems are grave

  • Workers security
  • Equal Opportunity
  • Job satisfaction
  • Wage as per industry standard

The benefits


MSP can be the

  • Primary interface between worker and requester
  • Ensure worker visibility of the demand
  • Track and ensure that worker meet SLA’s
  • Ensure workers remains competitive and current to what market has to offer

Outsourcing the managerial job to MSP can solve a lot of governance issues which are as follows

  • Strategic Alignment – Build a long-lasting relationship between works & requester
  • Delivery Management – Manage Delivery Milestone
  • Risk management – Manage the risk in case of adverse situations
  • Resource management - manage the pool of resources/workers and make them available on demand
  • Performance Management – Appraise workers based on performance goals & metrics

The functions involved

Steering Committee

  • Relationship vision and leadership.
  • Promote partnership & growth.
  • Resolve escalated issues.

Program Management

  • Overall responsibility for delivery of services and CSAT.
  • Organization of project plans, joint status communication.
  • Manage stakeholder communications.

Operations management

  • Day to day activities, cost, issues & milestone management.
  • Manage project / service transitions.
  • Assess program/project status, ROI, risks, resources, budgets, barriers to achieving critical milestones & manage changes