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What is happening in Crowdsourcing market? The Indian Context

My father used to work in a Govt organisation and I remember in the late 80s he entered into a slogan contest & won a 3rd prize. Unknowing about the concept that was perhaps my first encounter with crowdsourcing I realized now.

In my previous milestone write up I had mentioned some examples of crowdsourcing in Indian context, I did also mentioned about a Prof Karim lakhani concept call Cognitive Surplus, how the rupee symbol was formed.

In this talk too I want to focus more about India and crowd sourcing in the present state. Since I live in Indian, I do understand the problems & issues about our culture, Culture dictates Human behavior and it does forms the mental model which further

Social / Individual Needs

Age group 18-24

  • Context: Atul is studying in 10th standard, his father works in a govt firm and not earning a handful amount, Atul experience whenever he had a requirement his father cannot afford to give him extra pocket money
  • Need: Need for Pocket Money

Age group 25-32

  • Context:
  • Need:

Age group 33-40

  • Need:
  • Context:

Age group 40 & above

  • Need:Retirement Planning
  • Context:

NEED for a Worker

Age group 18-24

  • Work for projects that bring quick money
  • Work for a shorter period
  • Explore different options
  • Create some contacts that can be used later

Age group 25-32

  • Explore Different Opportunities
  • Acquire Multiple Skills
  • Further specialize in a particular skill set
  • Build trust & credentials
  • Get the tag of experienced worker
  • Need Incentives as motivation may be in the form of a promotion
  • Get regular handful income
  • Earn more money by putting extra efforts
  • work hard party even harder
  • Start Saving money for Future
  • Freedom
  • work under a good boss
  • Training

Age group 33-40

  • Enough Free time to spend with family & friends
  • Look for a secured job
  • Work from Home
  • Prefer only consulting work which is highly paying
  • Capitalize the earned reputation earned over the years by bargaining about wages
  • Respect as a worker

Age group 40 onwards

  • Fear of losing reputation as a worker
  • Work from home especially for women