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IDEA 1 - Remove Reputation system initially - Provide equal Opportunity to all workers

Again bringing back the Indian context where we Indians live under social constraints, where over the years the average life of an Indian follows a linear path


Rohit is working as an Account manager in a commercial Bank, he has spend 9 years of his career checking balance sheets, Profit & loss statements, he comes to office at 9AM and leave by 7 PM, he hate this job because his interest lies somewhere else, he likes photography and wanted to be a wild life photographer, but he feels since he has already spent a considerable amount of time in his career in the Finance industry re-starting and re-settling as a Photographer would pose him a new challenge.

Rohit has earned reputation as a worker in the organisation and at the same time he feels this stereotyped can be taken up by anybody. He could have earned a better reputation if he had been allowed to purse photography as a career path.

Especially in context to India where 24% of India’s population is completely illiterate and another 30% being barely literate we have seen that the average rated worker keeps doing the same type of job through his life for multiple reasons,

  • lack of opportunity to change tracks in the middle of a career
  • lack of Direction & motivation
  • Fear of taking risk
  • Social Constraints - some job likes modelling in fashion industry, singing in night-clubs, acting in films, news reporter in media house, some senior role in the corporate world is not seen as a decent jobs by the society.

Doing a job just for the sake of a living & fulfilling family responsibilities brings dis-satisfaction to the worker over a period of time, further de-motivates the worker ultimately ending up with a low productivity followed by a Low rating and finally leaving the system entirely, This low rated worker may re-enter the community with a different identity which may pose a different threat.

A worker calculating 2+2= and earning a handful after working 100 HITs may be getting a high rating but he may be losing an opportunity to showcase his talent in other field where he/she can excel, because he is happy with his earnings and may be continue to do this forever

Task posted in Microworker

Microworker job.png

If 100 workers take up this task the result will be same, and if the result is same, How does a requester rate the task

  • Quality- ruled out
  • Time taken - ruled out
  • Job accuracy - may be ye,s meaning these 100 workers have done the sign up successfully will get the same rating

But in actual are these workers are capable of doing some other task which are complex in nature and require some amount of thought process or analytical bent of mind, lets say a complex maths calculation, or designing a logo, or writing an article, commenting on a post, fixing a bug in a computer program, solving a puzzle.

In Daemo Boomerang reputation system is trying to establish a relationship between a worker & requester using the following equation

  • High rated Worker will have access to = High rated Requester & vice-versa
  • Medium rated Worker will have access to = Medium rated Requester & vice-versa
  • Low rated Worker will have access to = Low rated Requester & vice-versa

Dark horse1.png

To set the context let's take an example, there are 10 workers and all the 10 workers are equally performing good, now for a particular task, if we disclose that the output of worker A is selected then for the next set of task the requester will prefer getting it done by worker A, where as in reality worker B is equally good as A and others. Similarly, let's say a requester had posted a task of designing a logo 100+ workers came up with different concept but the requester pick up one, but he is not making a public announcement that which logo he has picked up.

The above process in a way will provide equal opportunity to all workers & requester.

  • Remove the concept of reputation system for the a period when a a worker & requester is on-boarded and have a neutral platform where workers can select task based on their choice & skill. This reduces the human tendency to only look for task from requester having high ratings, not everyone can have a high rating, the question what come here is what will happen to such tasks coming from requester's having a low rating while the task being interesting, in a similar way a requester would always look for a reputed worker what will happen to other workers having low rating. Everybody wants a good boss, but if we don't get we don't quit jobs, we live with it get adjusted to it.

Dark horse1a.png

IDEA 2 - Offering Certificate courses & full time programs on Crowd sourcing

Our Industry runs on stamps, students passing outs from premier institutions always enjoy the extra privilege in the workplace, society, family gathering. They are always being considered to solve complex issues & bigger problems which in turn bring reputation to them from social circle, publication & media houses, Industries and educational institutes

Top Performers like first class graduates from premier institutes are always preferred as fresher in an organization. Keeping this picture in mind we introduce programs certificate courses ran by Industry experts in universities for a Crowd worker

In UX domain we have consultants coming in from different fields, Psychology, social scientist, UX designers, visual designer, but only few can reach to their dream companies, and those few are the ones who have earned degrees from Premier institutes.

Crowd Worker can get a stamp and earn reputation just by the virtue of the certificate he/she holds. He/She can name himself as a XXX certified Crowd Worker