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Garret breaks down the elements of UX as follows


The usability findings at different levels are not the same

Surface Layer

  • Already covered in Usability_Actionable Section


Skeleton Layer

  • Saving/reusing a template If the requester is posting a similar type of task the system should allow the user to save the template & reuse it later for future use & publish task

Structure Layer

  • Detail IA activities has to be carried out, which will help grouping & labeling information.
  • Define navigation pattern for multiple form factors
  • Identify UI Design patterns & analyse them based on the user persona
  • Group task based on different geography & categories

Scope Layer

  • Customize the portal for potential markets
  • Define labeling & taxonomy for specific demography

Strategy Layer

  • Cater to global users Internationalization & Localization for different geographies
  • Make the platform available to multiple form factors, Mobile Tablet
  • Provide seamless experience across channels
  • Grouping task under categories like region, type will induce user from other languages/culture to use the platform and user from different culture & demography can have direct access to Task posted by US requester, tasks posted by Indian requester..task posted by UK requester...

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