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Garret breaks down the elements of UX as follows


The usability findings at different levels are not the same

Surface Layer

  • Overall there are a lot of labeling & Taxonomy issue noticed and a steep learning curve for first time users, some issues notice relating to Visual affordance & Design
  • Since we do not know the user profile of the end users we assume the system is little complicated for semi-literate


  • Steep learning curve for requester while creating a task
  • Information grouping is required to reduce cognitive load, for e.g. My Tasks can have sub groups like submitted task, open task, closed task similarly My Projects can have sub groups like submitted task, open task, closed task
  • As the site becomes more complex with additional features 7 functionalities a visual language has to be created in terms of color definition , font style, layout & design.


Skeleton Layer

  • Saving/reusing a template If the requester is posting a similar type of task the system should allow the user to save the template & reuse it later for future use & publish task

Structure Layer

  • Detail IA activities has to be carried out, which will help grouping & labeling information.
  • Define navigation pattern for multiple form factors
  • Identify UI Design patterns & analyse them based on the user persona
  • Group task based on different geography & categories

Scope Layer

  • Customize the portal for potential markets
  • Define labeling & taxonomy for specific demography

Strategy Layer

  • Cater to global users Internationalization & Localization for different geographies
  • Make the platform available to multiple form factors, Mobile Tablet
  • Provide seamless experience across channels
  • Grouping task under categories like region, type will induce user from other languages/culture to use the platform and user from different culture & demography can have direct access to Task posted by US requester, tasks posted by Indian requester..task posted by UK requester...

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