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This dark horse idea explores on making an economic model that pushes original recommendation system one step further. The original recommendation system uses sub-category reputation system to generate recommendation feed for both parties.

A real-time bidding system will be used for this purpose. Based on the recommendation feed, workers can compete for the same task. No minimum rate is guaranteed. For example, if a worker is willing to work for free for this task, he can communicate to requester about that. Similarly, requesters can compete for desired workers to work on their tasks.

This has several consequences. They include - top workers may get huge reward while low-reputation worker may not even get a task at all ("winners take it all") - extra complication/friction for users to select the worker/task to work with.

A more intricate matching algorithm needs to be put in place to work out the details.

Team Members

  • Michelle Chan : @michellechan
  • Manoj Pandey : @manojpandey
  • Lucas Qiu  : @lucasq
  • Mengnan Wang : @mengnan