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Feature Voting Forum

The idea is to create a feature voting forum. Just like how we manage our ideas, we should let every worker and requestor have the chance to speak up their request and needs on new features and let others to vote and comment on it. The needs will be categorized and duplication should be avoided. Each worker/requestor may have only 10-20 votes/month. The top needs will be responded and eventually solved by us.

We should also flag those requests by the status. For example, under review, working, declined, completed.... so people can also filter them and see which ideas are already being worked on.

So basically we encourage workers and requesters to speak up and suggest new features or any other requests if they want it in Daemo. And if they see that a feature they want is already in the voting system, just vote for it. A response will be guaranteed for the high voted ideas.

Milestone Contributors

  • Michelle Chan : @michellechan
  • Manoj Pandey : @manojpandey
  • Lucas Qiu  : @lucasq
  • Mengnan Wang : @mengnan idea