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There are several actionable items that can be added to enable a better user experience on top of our existing systems.

Global Search and Filter

First, we want to hide the complexity of the workflow by providing a simple and quick way to find workers/requesters. Users can directly search by keywords in a search bar. The keywords should describe the search criteria. Backend will use these keyword to filter against user’s reputation subcategory. [as described in the reputation system] The resulting recommendation feed can also be filter further by search criteria.

Prototyping Template

To make it even easier for requesters to make accurate, detailed requests easily, we will have a quick request/task prototyping feature. User’s past requests will be saved as examples. User can use the past requests from himself or other users who made similar requests to create templates. These templates will be provided as users type in a new request and will quickly auto-fill the request with template content. This will guide user with best practices and removes friction in creating repeated requests.

Auto Testing Worker Result

To take it one step further, we can make the feedback loop even easier for both parties. Requesters can optionally provide some rules or requirements that can be tested with a computed. For example, if an interview report with a 3000 word requirement is requested and a worker who takes the task responded with a 2000 word report, the work will be automatically rejected. Think of this as unit tests for work results, which can save a lot of unnecessary back-and-forth between requesters and workers.

UX Design

We added some quick wireframes to illustrate the workflow.

Worker Home Page

  • can search through search bar
  • can scroll down to look at different categories eg. Popular HITs, Newest HITs etc.
  • Worker experience ratings are given
  • Average worker compensation is written in the description
  • After they enter keywords in the search bar, they can sort by Highest Reward, Deadline (Latest, Earliest), Date Posted (Latest, Earliest), etc

Worker Homepage.jpg Worker Search Results.jpg

Requester’s Homepage

  • they can search for existing templates or scroll down to see popular templates, or templates that is voted with best user experience
  • they can select good templates from “Suggested Templates” section or search on their own, and Copy the templates and change the description

Requester Home Page.jpg Requester Search Results.jpg

Worker HIT Page

Worker HIT Page.jpg

Request HIT Page

Request HIT Page Search.jpg

Team Members

  • Michelle Chan : @michellechan: brainstorm, wireframe, search bar idea, template
  • Manoj Pandey : @manojpandey: brainstorm
  • Lucas Qiu  : @lucasq: brainstorm, auto testing idea, write up
  • Mengnan Wang : @mengnan