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The Crowdwork Platform Efficacy Scale is a scale measure designed to measure the perception of how crowdworkers feel that they can get assistance to complete work on a platform such as Turk, Daemo, [...]. Efficacy reflects the belief of people to attain some goal or complete a task successfully (Bandura, 2006). This scale was included as a part of a 2 week study on the introduction of CrowdGuilds (UIST Submission,2016) to identify changes in self-efficacy between groups to identify changes in efficacy beliefs during the use of the platform.

The Scale

A number of situations can make it hard to complete work on crowdworking platforms. On a scale from 1 (low) to 10 (high), tell us how certain you can find assistance...

PR2 = Problem_Requester --When addressing any problem with a requester

PP = Problem_Platform --When addressing any problem of the platform

DPM = Discover_Platform_Methods --To discover new approaches to get the most from the platform

WPD = Within_Platform_Dispute --To resolve any dispute that exists within the platform

CWP = Control_Work_on_Platform --To take control of the work I perform

MP = Maintain_Privacy --To maintain my privacy where I want it

PR = Protect_Reputation --Act in ways that protect my reputation


Scale Comparisons


Efficacy Scale Correlations


Construct Validity: Only scale in the study to demonstrate a consistent curve reflecting change over time. As efficacy, a construct based in social learning theory, is a result from learned behavior, this curve is consistent with the base construct. This curve matches a learning curve.

Efficacy Scale Learning Curve.png

Reliability - .95 Alpha.jpg


Bandura, A. (2006). Guide for constructing self-efficacy scales. Self-efficacy beliefs of adolescents, 5(307-337).

Data and Scripts

Raw Scored CSV File:File:Scored.csv Normalized Raw Scored CSV File:Scored.n.csv