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(The big picture)
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==The big picture==
==The big picture==
[[File:Imageedit 6 9115363970.jpg|center|250px|caption]]
[[File:Imageedit 6 9115363970.jpg|frame|200px]]

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System thinking is a powerful tool in analyzing and developing products and softwares. It helps designers understand the product as a one unit, how its parts are interacting together, and how we can decide on features during the design process to always maintain the goal. In order to see the big picture, let's play this game , teams from open-gov, task authoring , boomerang, ...will come together and each member will challenge herself to see how each feature will affect the other features on other parts of Daemo. Add your name and affect you have noticed, later on we will come to update this big picture.

The big picture