Daemo- A sustainable,resilient and innovative organization

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Daemo- A sustainable,resilient and innovative organization


Openness and sharing decisions are at the core of daemo, this is what distinguishes us from other companies in the market. and this what we believe to be our key success factor. Based on our previous discussions on how we are going to govern damo in a more democratic way, here’s a detailed view to the custodian group approach.

1- Leadership board


1 Longlife well intentioned researcher , serving the vision of Daemo , acting as a mediator and change facilitator, taking decisions about funding, development of the platform and act as a spokesperson : Michael Bernstein 4 Top contributors to the published papers each year, responsible also for helping in advancing the research within Daemo and maintaining the technical part ( two of them should have the technical strong background to accomplish that )


5 members elected directly from the community, should have proven history in Daemo, helping with the guilds, contribution to the forum.


5 elected directly from the community, proven history in Daemo, good reputation, and contribution to the forum .


5 Self-nominated outsiders who have background in Online labour market places, and to be approved by the majority of the LB. this will help bringing totally news ideas and questioning the adopted paradigm ( Non-voting member) .

2- The Forum

Acts as platform for community engagement, a hub to innovate new ideas, sharing information and acting as a main tool to accomplish the learning organization model.