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Why not using guilds to address the reputation issue in crowdsourcing:

Guilds in online gaming usually organize so that players are able to perform tasks tah

Why using them: "... In parallel there might also be a trend towards specialization, with the most established guilds focusing on specific aspects of the game (e.g. PvP, raids) and filtering new members accordingly, which increases the time required for players to find a new guild when leaving another – the more so at higher levels"[1]

"...and guilds may be serving a more utilitarian function than on other servers: if the guild fails to deliver the required amount of protection and reward, players start looking elsewhere."[1]

"Overall, these analyses suggest that over time, characters on a server are more and more likely to be in a guild; the guilds they join tend to be established guilds; and over time, guild turn-over decreases."[1]


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