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Bringing a bit of game design you could design a reputation system where you have both levels and perhaps classes. In terms of levelling, this can be determined after your first couple of tries (perhaps 10-20 range) to rule out for your inexperienced ways around the platform and tasks and whatnot. Based on that generated level (let’s say 52), you could go either up or down, based on an algorithm that takes into account automatated rating (probably time) and the one you get from requesters/workers. This rating could be used to place you within categories from which workers/requesters can choose from while filtering for jobs or adding tasks and could work towards offering different rates based on the skill required, matching workers with requesters’ needs (saving them either time or budget).

In terms of classes, when working on your profile (again, either w/r), you could opt in (in exchange for some benefits) into a class that’s either going to help mediate the resolution process between workers and requesters, or help requesters design their tasks better, or the flip coin to help workers (that have been previously reported as failing on certain tasks) with whatever they may need (considering it’s not IQ and within their similar range of interests).

Workers' and requesters' reputation linked directly to each class or area rather than an aggregate for all the tasks incorporating various skills all bundled into one. A worker may produce fantastic results on logo work but so so results on python coding, for example.

In order to ensure an appropriate identification of skill type and level when onboarding new workers, they will *self-certify* their level for each class for which they want to accept work. A microtask for testing will be given to the users to complete for free if they choose self-certification.