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Automated Setup with Vagrant

If you are having issues with the standard manual procedure, with Vagrant, the setup is 3 commands and will not result in any errors. Works on all platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux). Instructions at https://github.com/crowdresearch/crowdsource-platform#setup-with-vagrant

Automated setup isn't working / I need to start fresh

If you made local changes that might have screwed up the setup process, you can wipe your directory and start fresh as follows:

1) run the command "vagrant destroy -f" from the crowdsource-platform directory

2) delete the crowdsource-platform directory

3) run the commands at https://github.com/crowdresearch/crowdsource-platform#setup-with-vagrant

If it still isn't working after doing the above 3 steps, then ping us in the #research-engineering channel.

vagrant ssh doesn't work on Windows

If running "vagrant ssh" tells you that ssh is missing, please uninstall Git, and reinstall it from http://msysgit.github.io/ During the setup process, select "Use Git and optional Unix tools from the Windows Command Prompt" (on the "Adjusting your PATH environment" page), and "Checkout as-is, commit Unix-style line endings" (on the "Configuring the line ending conversions" page).

How to Fix Postgres DB Installation (on Mac)?

Q. I have a previously installed version of Postgres, which hasn't been installed correctly. And since that is listening on some port, I am unable to cleanly remove the installation and start from the beginning.

A. When you try removing Postgres, in there is a chance it will seem like it has worked successfully, until your latest installation throws an error saying that psql is still listening on some port, and server can therefore, not be started. This can be solved by removing all instances (if more than 1) of psql installed on your system (brew remove postgresql, and moving the application to trash), and ensuring that all existing (and therefore, listening) processes of psql are killed.

Following this, a reinstallation of postgreql should not cause any problems in setting up the database.

I am facing an issue while installing the requirements.txt file(Tested on Mac, should work anywhere)

Q. I am getting some errors while running pip install -r requirements.txt as specified in the documentation.

A. This is probably because you have not added Postgres to your system's PATH. On a Mac, add /Applications/Postgres.app/Contents/Versions/9.4/bin to your path, and retry the installation. (How to add to PATH) To check if it has been added to your path, check if the command psql is found. For other Operating Systems, look up the path to where Postgres is installed and add it to your path.