Good Practice in Slack Chat

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Good practice for Slack chat

  • Be succinct.
  • Provide diagrams where possible.
  • Amend your comments if you feel like you've not been clear in what you've written, but only during the conversation; don't go back and amend conversations after they've ended.
  • Ping people who are not currently in the conversation who you'd know would want to be informed.
  • Provide information in the #announcements channel of Slack when you create a new channel.
  • When you have planned to have a meeting/hangout, pop a notification in the relevant channel and in #announcements.
  • Put the link for any recorded meetings in the relevant channel and in #announcements. Not every person is a member of every channel, but every person is a member of #announcements.
  • There is a glitch in Slack - not every member receives the @everyone messages so avoid using @everyone in any of your messages. Use @channel instead.