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(Guild Rejection Process below.)
(Guild Task Return Process below.)
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==Guild Task Return Process below.==
==Guild Task Return Process below.==

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Currently the OGov group of Daemo is designing a study to assess if the introduction of Guilds can improve the online community that exists in crowdworking platforms. This diagram follows the current Study Plan document as of 5/5 00:24 BST. This diagram highlights the most critical components of the study in terms of Actor Activity, Database Query Variables, Informational Elements, and Actors that are shared between systems.

This document catalogues the Guild's worker-side rejection and leveling review processes. It does not detail how leveling works for the study. For more details, please visit and comment at https://docs.google.com/document/d/154tgdMz59Sbg_eio9RCVmMqwiL9wzuzf2tPJw7Pv5W8/edit?usp=sharing

Diagram Key

Guild Co-Creation Space (5).jpg

Guild Task Return Process below.

File:Guild Co-Creation Space (10).jpg Guild Co-Creation Space (7).jpg

Guild Review and Leveling Process below.

Guild Co-Creation Space (8).jpg Guild Co-Creation Space (9).jpg