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This page is a place for us to record papers we think will be useful for our work. Please include:

  1. The title
  2. The key value for us of the paper
  3. Quotes from the text, if needed
  4. Link to the paper in Google Scholar (this makes it easier to cite later)

Guild Background

  • "The Impact of Social Support of Guild Members and Psychological Factors on Flow and Game Loyalty in MMORPG", Juseon Kang, Ilsang Ko, Yunjung Ko

Interesting for the social aspect of guilds in a digital context

"The objective of this study is to identify the relationships

in which social support influences flow and game loyalty through character control, character identity, guild identity and self-esteem. For the study, focus group interviews were carried out with MMORPG gamers and, as a result, important factors such as so cial support and self-esteem were found. Based on prior research and the focus group interviews with MMORPG gamers, the independent variables of social support and character control were identified. Character identity, guild identity and self-esteem are proposed as mediating variables with flow and loyalty as the dependent variables. The research model and hypotheses were developed and then verified empirically. The data was collected from 244 WOW gamers to verify the research model and SEM analysis was then used to test goodness-of-fit of the model. The results were as follows: First, social support had a statistically significant impact on character control, character identity, guild identity and self-esteem. Second, character control had significant effects on character identity, guild identity and self-esteem. Third, character identity had a clear effect on self-esteem. Fourth, guild identity affected self-esteem, flow and loyalty.

Fifth, self-esteem had a positive influence on flow."


  • What MMO Communities Don’t Do: A Longitudinal Study of Guilds and Character Leveling, Or Not, Nathaniel Poor

Same interest as above

"Guilds, a primary form of community in many online games, are

thought to both aid gameplay and act as social entities. This work uses a three-year scrape of one game, World of Warcraft, to study the relationship between guild membership and advancement in the game as measured by character leveling, a defining and often studied metric. 509 guilds and 90,581 characters are included in the analysis from a three-year period with over 36 million observations, with linear regression to measure the effect of guild membership. Overall findings indicate that guild membership does not aid character leveling to any significant extent. The benefits of guilds may be replicated by players in smaller guilds or not in

guilds through game affordances and human sociability."


Related Quality Control Efforts

Additional Resources

Great papers about Life cycle models of online communities, community roles - (Shared by Ryan)