Guilds Milestone 10 Letter for Feedback

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This week we are writing a letter to show to the worker community to get feedback on our version of guilds. Here are 3 sections that we might start with.

Important: We are aiming for something that is quick to read and easy to understand, not a technical or exhaustive explanation.

What problems we think could be solved by guilds

This can be filled with notes from Micheals documents and some of our earlier documents

what are the most powerful motivations (criteria) for adoption?

  • more opportunities for pay
  • a higher possibility for fair pay compared with other options
  • less time searching for information [about requesters, tasks,...]
  • quality output (from a requester's viewpoint) since it goes through a review cycle

How our design of guilds works

This can be filled based on our mocks and Milestone 9 Submission title.

What we want feedback on

We can discuss this during a hangout this week.

  1. Does this mechanism seem fair to you?
  2. Does this mechanism seem fair to requesters?
  3. Are you likely to choose to do reviews if they cost approximately a fare hourly wage for you experience level?