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In Milestone 10 we developed some content about guilds to share with workers in a hope to get their feedback. An introduction linking to our detailed description were posted on TurkerNation and we collected feedback. The responses have been loosely coded and ranked for relevance to the questions at hand.

Summarizing the feedback we got

Does this mechanism seem fair to you?

Somewhat, although very few relevant reviews stated the contrary, i.e. not many people said it was 'not fair'

Does this mechanism seem fair to requesters?

Nobody seems to care about this in our feedback. So... thats nice.

Are you likely to choose to do reviews if they cost approximately a fare hourly wage for your experience level?

Yes, and many seem to think it needs to be double blind and paid, NOT free. This is good because that was how we designed it.

Would you feel this was more fair if we asked you to review for the good of the system, or if there was a standardized rate to review tasks?

No to 'good of the system'

Inconclusive on 'standardized rate'

Are there things about this you think will not work?

Many mention cheaters which is a good point, though not one we have ignored.

Updated Scenarios and Design Based on Feedback

We have updated scenarios based on the feedback and are working to refine designs around this.

  1. Mockups from Alipta
  2. Mockups from Dilrukshi (et al?)

Other Documents in our Ongoing Pipeline

  1. Notes on Experimental Design
  2. Annotated Bibliography for Guild Research