Guilds Milestone 12

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Goals this Week

  1. Work out how to quickly test key features of the guild in a pilot
  2. make a major push in design to refine the details as much as possible
  3. Refine our experimental design goals and implementation approach so that by the end of the week we can specify the implementation reasonably well.


  1. Dialogue Pilot - Testing wordage on all our major pages.
  2. Reviews Pilot - Testing how consistent and reliable reviews are by getting turk workers of different levels to review tasks.
  3. Levels Pilot - Testing how levels work. Methodology is not yet fixed

Design Refinement

We have updated scenarios which is an ongoing Google Doc of our scenarios. Some details need to be updated but it is starting to come together well. Related designs from Milestone 11 are:

  1. Mockups from Alipta and designs from Varshine
  2. Mockups from Dilrukshi (et al?)

There are a few major features yet to be refined, such as the rating system and some of the details of task rejection and task authoring. One thing that is great is that we can rely on #taskauthoring for some features there so we just need to make sure we are extending their features with our design.

Experimental Design and Implementation

This is mostly being done at Notes on Experimental Design for now.

Other Documents in our Ongoing Pipeline

  1. Notes on Experimental Design
  2. Annotated Bibliography for Guild Research