Handling Difficulties

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In a research project, there are several situations or conditions, for which we don't know how to act or react. In a massive project such as this, there can be more. Over past few weeks, I've sent and received several messages, from our participants stating their situation and asking for a suggestion. So, in this page, I'll try to put a few notes about handling these situations.

Busy with exams/school deadlines

We totally understand that you're also busy with other commitments. Even in grad school, we have to focus on courses/exams while working on the research project. Totally understandable - but after the exam, we usually resume the project with full intensity and make up for the time spent on exam etc. Please DO NOT worry if you've missed one milestone due to exam, and that you won't be able to catch up. You totally can, and we're there to help you! You don't have to submit a missed milestone, rather learn from the submissions of others and continue to make novel contributions.

Loosing team members

We found that some of you are super excited and motivated, but because you lost team members due to certain reasons, you feel less motivated. As a solution, please collaborate and join other teams and we would be happy to merge a few teams or facilitate the process. You are NOT alone, there are others in similar situation, so feel free to reach out to folks on Slack's #team-formation channel. Just let @rajanvaish know before you do that.

Stuck somewhere or unsure of the project direction

If you're stuck at a concept, whether its HCI or crowdsourcing or anything else - please feel free to reach out to us. No problem/question is small or big or unreasonable. Several of you are already active on Slack, but don't let some confusion hold you from participating. Meanwhile, if you have questions about the direction of the project, please let us know as well. We always attempt to bring that angle during weekly hangouts, but open to more questions if it helps you formulating your ideas.

Time commitment

If you feel that you're not able to give enough time, we would suggest you to merge teams or bring someone "new" into your team - so that you have a larger workforce working towards the goal, where each person has to do less. We're open to new members as long as it helps you in long term. Please discuss this at #team-formation channel on Slack. Just let @rajanvaish know before you do that.


We're always listening, and trying hard to improve your experience! Please fill in weekly surveys here or contact @rajanvaish on Slack.