Hangout with Dilrukshi and Neil

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By @rahulsheth1016


Last night, @neilthemathguy, @dilrukshi, and I had a hangout discussing the Reputation System UI and how to expand on it. Here is what we discussed and here is my suggestion for the Rep System UI.


Here are the pictures of the design.

First picture. Basically divides the pending jobs and the completed jobs into two different tabs. You are allowed to see both the workers that have completed the tasks and those that haven't.

Stanford Picture 4.jpeg

Second picture. Shows the user profile. Gives you the option to message the worker and give/review your rating of them. Also, shows you their average rating for the system.

Stanford Picture 3.jpeg

Third picture. Shows what happens when you click on the completed jobs tab.

Stanford Picture 2.jpeg

Fourth Picture. Shows what happens when you click on the view workers from the previous picture.



@Dilrukhsi and @neilthemathguy gave great insight into it. We had a discussion discussing the number of clicks that are required to view the workers. Considering there are a fair amount of clicks in for a requestor to go through to view their workers, we believe that it is possible that some users may get confused. As the point of a UI is to ease the job of a requestor, we were thinking about ways to either reduce the number of clicks it takes to get there or possibly giving sentence descriptions that could direct the worker while maintaining the organization that we have in the designs. In addition, @neilthemathguy went into depth into the big design challenges that we have to face. He suggested that we have the rep-sys more status-oriented, where it is very easy for both a worker and a requestor to track the work product. He then went more into depth on some of the design issues with micro tasks. Since there are usually a great amount of workers on micro tasks, it is usually very tough for requestors to give effective feedback. Therefore, having it appear upon the completion of a task and possibly grouping the workers into groups of say 5-10 will help with the feedback. In addition, we talked about it from the worker's side as well, where we should have a monitoring area where they can see whether there work has been approved or not. I thoroughly enjoyed talking to both @neilthemathguy and @dilrukhsi and look forward to working with them in the future.