Hashem Elezabi- Usability Evaluation

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I tested the site in a holistic manner, following both Jakob Nielsen's ten usability heuristics and my common sense. Only I tested the site, so this is a one-user usability test. I am sure some of the points I mention here were already mentioned in other posts, but I will include all my notes and I am sure we will aggregate all the points into one great output eventually!

The Usability Heuristics

1) Visibility of System Status 2) Match between System & World 3) User Control & Freedom 4) Consistency & Standards 5) Error Prevention 6) Recognition Rather than Recall 7) Flexibility & Efficiency of Use 8) Aesthetic & Minimalist Design 9) Help Users Recognize, Diagnose, & Recover from Errors 10) Help & Documentation

Issues and Proposed Solutions

The following are the results of my evaluation in the form of separate problems and their respective suggested solutions. MENTION ORDER.