Husam's Proposal for an Open Gov scheme

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This wiki includes a proposal for Daemo’s Open Governance. The major contribution in this wiki is a proposed mechanism for decision making.

Components of Open Gov

1- The Platform: The group who initiated this project including Prof. Bernstein, Rajan, and others as well as any other researchers and developers recruited by this group.

2- Leadership Board: This group of crowd representatives in Daemo. Their role is to ensure that the crowd are represented and act to their benefit. The division of LB is the following: 1/3 platform, 1/3 workers, 1/3 requesters (The total number of the LB members is to be decided later).

How the Leadership Board is chosen?

1- The crowd group are workers, requesters, and the platform (researchers). Each crowd group chooses its representatives in the LB. All members in each crowd group have equal votes. However, only members above a certain threshold can vote (this threshold is to be decided later).

2- The LB must be up voted each certain time interval.

The proposed mechanism of decision making in Daemo

1- Anyone from the crowd can propose an idea to be implemented or a problem to be solved. In order for that idea to be discussed by the LB, it should get a minimum number of votes from the crowd.

2- The LB will discuss the ideas that have a larger number of votes first.

3- The very first step for the LB is to up vote whether the idea is: a) Something that should be handled completely by the platform. b) The idea should be discussed by the LB itself.

4- If the LB up votes for ”a)”, then the platform will have a complete control over this issue and do whatever it sees appropriate regarding this issue.

5- If the LB up votes for “b)”. Then the LB members should discuss the possible actions and solutions for that issue or problem. Among the proposed solutions, the LB should up vote a certain solution to be implemented. When the LB reaches a decision, it will act as a requester and request the platform to implement that solution (the platform will act as a worker now). The LB’s request for the platform should be like any other typical request in Daemo (includes prototype tasks and these stuffs).


1- The LB members have equal votes regardless of the group that they represent.

2- With this decision mechanism, the LB will be the real government in Daemo. The platform will no longer have an upper hand, and they will act only as a servants for this platform. However, the platform has its 1/3 in the LB so that their opinions can be represented too just like workers and requesters.