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Information is a key to understand, analyse and take informed decisions, also it’s very critical To update our “ mental model” about the online labour marketplaces industry. Instead of “ manually” sharing links, research papers and news, we can envision a semi-automated open source database that will save us time and effort, also be more sure that we are not missing any important information.

Daemo open source database is assumed to be freely accessible by any other researcher, regulator, writer, worker or requestor or anyone who is interested in the field.

Current information flow model


Proposed information flow model


Analyzing sources of information

We can start by pulling information from all sources then we can find a way to : Aggregate, filter and present them to the end user. examples to some information sources :

1-Social media : Known accounts such as Mturk, Mary gray, Rochell, upwork ,...

2-Google scholar : Michael Bernstein, Panos Ipeirotis, Vili Lehdonvirta, …

3-Blogs : i.e behind the enemy line



What type of information do we need other than what mentioned above ? What are the other sources of information we can use ? Let's start brainstorming and define our needs before taking any practical steps.