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Week 1 / -

Gameification of working

In trying to use Mechanical turk, I was amazed at the number of .01 tasks and I thought about how even clicking a button to read on that task was not worth anything. Furthermore, seeing tasks in front of me that I'm not eligible for yet was even more of a waste of time. So that immediately made me think of how this could still give me incentive but get me doing tasks faster. First, I should be doing a task to learn how to use the system, not sent into a pile of tasks. Second, I should be given tasks I can do and be paid for. I'm not there to find meaningful work. It's more like the division of labor offered by Adam Smith and the pin factory. I am here to earn cash so let me get good at finishing basic human tasks like a human computer. Third, make it fun or maybe even like a workout, setting a goal of earn $1 and then having tasks sent at me. Until I do. Then, my score at the end would be how many tasks I finished, how fast I finished them and my "hourly rate." That way, like lumosity, I enjoy training my brain, but I actually get paid to do it.

Week 2 /


Defining a Crowdsource Minimum Wage

To define a minimum wage, we’d also have to define typical length of certain tasks. That could be done via usability research. collecting tasks into a group, allowing the user to define the value of a tasks is meaningful too, which would allow them to better identify which tasks were poorly incentivized. Hackhands allows users to learn code by doing tasks, so a new incentive or "payment is created, reducing the need for an individual to gain financial payment.


User Interviews of Mechanical Turk workers

we could put tasks into mechanical turk paying them to sign up for a time slot.

A medium-value wage for "smarter" tasks

If you had a crowd sourcing for medium size projects like coding straightforward user stories with very defined AC’s… engineering could be crowdsourced, obviously with modestly higher prices