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Reputation Ideas by Jsilver

I will post a collection of reputation ideas (among other ideas) that have been scattered in my mind and notes since January 2015 and even much prior, based on my experience (as a worker, team manager, client) particularly in oDesk since 2012. I've shared them countless times here on Slack (publicly and privately), Meteor, and Wikis.

Acronyms used:

RS= Reputation system

End-of-task Itemized Rating (Applicable to worker and client)

  • A client would rate a worker based on skills used in a particular task and based on other criteria (domains quality of work; communication/responsiveness; cooperation and work ethics/professionalism, deadline/turnaround; efficiency (like cost and time); and accuracy/consistency). This RS is not perfect but would reflect a rating for each skill used in a task or project, rather than the typical "limited-view" 5-star rating. This is essential so that future clients would not bet blind on such a worker; If done in conjunction with interviewing the worker and checking the worker's job history, the client would have a very good idea of the worker's skills and experiences.

On the other hand, a worker could rate a client based on that 6-domain criteria above plus another criteria: knowledge of task. (criteria mentioned here may not be accurate nor final)

Implicit signals (Applicable to worker and client)

  • Rating is done during job application evaluation phase. This is a great way of providing reputation coverage throughout the worker (and client) population. I believe this could be implemented much easier than other reputation systems. See [1]