Leadership Board Candidates - July 2015

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Requester Candidates


I've been involved in this project since it began, although mostly lurking in the shadows until school was over. Now that exams are complete and I am free to recommit myself, I'd like to represent Reqesters on the Leadership Board. I'm in a unique position in that I have been a worker on AMT for 10 years, a Requester for the same length of time, and a researcher there in the last two years. I spend much of my free time fighting for worker rights, but I try to balance that out with my view as a Requester. I also have a strong communication network with other Requesters through my work on Turker Nation, and have even completed a few surveys with Requesters as participants that have illuminated the issues they face, and the benefits they find, on AMT. I've also begun to poll them on other sites, like Prolific Academic, and am happy to do so as often as necessary to get the intel we need for success.

I'd love to serve the community here by providing my expertise and understanding of the most infamous platform around, and to dedicate my time over the next three months to helping make this project a reality.

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Worker Candidates


I've been an active participant in this project since early-March. As a very observant and idealistic online freelancer, my main goals have not changed:

  1. help stop exploitation and overexploitation of my fellow online workers (and have all workers get better and/or fair pay),
  2. and help create the platform that serves my first goal

My election into the mock Leadership Board has cemented my desire to contribute and pursue our goal. If given another chance to serve in the Leadership Board, I would continue to actively participate, engage with project participants, and promote synergy in terms of actions and decisions. Our dream of a fair and far-improved platform - the best platform for workers and clients alike - is now within reach. We need proactive, competent, meticulous, and genuinely-committed leaders who would steer the platform in the right direction, so please vote wisely.

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Platform Candidates

Tejas Sarma

I have been an active participant in this research since early May. My passion lies in the design of the user interfaces and visual aspects of the platform that are a key factor in its success. I am more inclined towards the implementation of new and creative ideas in the platform as I believe that a first impression is the last impression which will create a lasting impact in the minds of new users. Creative user interfaces are an integral part of any platform as along with being functionally robust, it needs to be visually appealing too. As I have observed from the existing platforms, the usual quotidian user interfaces that they consist of, do not seem to make any significant impact on the experience of the users. As a Platform User Interface Designer, my primary goals would be:

  1. To create unique user interface designs and improve the existing designs by adding necessary enhancements. These improvements will help the platform stand out among the competition.
  2. To design the logos and other visual icons and symbols required by this platform.
  3. To provide suitable suggestions and creative outputs for various other other visual effects and animation required for the dynamics of the platform.

If given a chance to serve in the Leadership Board, I would continue to participate with increased vigor and full-time dedication to the design related aspects of the platform, interacting with all the others working toward the development of this one-of-a-kind platform. I aim to serve the platform at the highest level possible by me towards the common goal that is the enhancement of the platform as a whole. I would request the members to vote for me if they consider me suitable for a position in the Leadership Board. These are my details for your reference: My Resume: [[1]] My LinkedIn Profile: [[2]]

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