Leadership Board Candidates - July 2015

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Requester Candidates

Michael Bernstein (@michaelbernstein)

I'm a Stanford assistant professor of computer science. I started this research effort to create the platform, alongside Rajan Vaish. I teach and do research on crowdsourcing, social computing, and human-computer interaction. I previously helped create Dynamo, a project to give crowd workers more voice. I've also been an active requester since 2009, having interacted with tens of thousands of workers. I also have significant experience as a requester on oDesk.

In representing requesters, my primary goal would be to make decisions that help get our first batch of requesters on board. I have connections to industry requesters, and have already built up a panel of interested requesters that I can call on for feedback. I could also represent academic requesters, which is the group that led the #mturkgate brouhaha.

Angela Richmond-Fuller (@arichmondfuller)

I have a background in Education (BEd ‘96), English Language Teaching (MA in TEFL ‘00) and eLearning. I am a social entrepreneur and lifelong learner with a massive addiction to Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs). One of the first MOOCs I took was the HCI Coursera one back in 2012, which is the reason I’m here working with you today. Since then I’ve focused on developing skills in business, design thinking, technology entrepreneurship and mindfulness. I’m motivated to be a part of this research project by my passion for the democratisation of opportunity and learning. I originally joined this project so that I could help to develop this crowdsourcing platform into something that people with no CS background could use – something that I could use, in a more substantial way than I’ve used Freelancer. I am keen to post tasks to further develop my start-up. I have a large network of friends and acquaintances globally who are either requesters on other crowdsourcing platforms or who are keen to post tasks on an open, honest crowdsourcing platform.

I am keen to further support the work in Usability, Reputation Systems, paper submissions and whatever else is needed. This research project affords opportunity and I would welcome further work with you - a multicultural, creative and intelligent bunch of people. Most importantly, I believe in this project and all it stands for.

Ideas of future work that I am keen to bring to the table: 1) an exploration of how we might further support non-native speakers of English and folks who’d prefer to communicate and/or post or work on tasks in languages other than English on the platform and 2) a system for identifying when workers’ skills need updating in line with developments in their specialisations in order to create a culture of continual learning.

Neil (@neilthemathguy)

I am a mathematical monk who aim to tackle the problem of global inequality. I envision the crowdsourcing marketplace that will support professional and personal lives of people around the globe and help make the world a better place. I have significant amount of experience as a requester - first being one of the core founders and creators of EteRNA, crowdsourcing platform used by citizen scientists (workers ranging from a high school kid to a professor at MIT) across 60 countries and second using MTurk.

So far we are forgetting that without the requesters this marketplace will not sustain. They are looked at as bad guys. I would like to become a voice of requesters and tackle below challenges:

  • Convey the requesters' needs & point of views on various aspects of the project: platform, usability, task creation, feedback, pricing mechanism, reputation, sustainability, and open governance.
  • Increase the quality of results and take a step toward creating harmonious relationships with workers.
  • Initiate the process of creating global workforce that will help support various businesses around the globe.
  • Create a road map to attract frustrated MTurk, Upwork requesters to join our platform.
  • Incorporate your thoughts and ideas to build a sustainable community of requesters.

Worker Candidates

Jsilver (@Jsilver)

I've been an active participant in this project since early-March. As a very observant and idealistic online freelancer (3 years in oDesk; became a top freelancer soon after my first year), my main goals have not changed:

  1. help stop exploitation and overexploitation of my fellow online workers (and have all workers get better and/or fair pay),
  2. and help create the platform that serves my first goal

My election into the mock Leadership Board has cemented my desire to contribute and pursue our goal. If given another chance to serve in the Leadership Board, I would continue to actively participate, engage with project participants, and promote synergy in terms of actions and decisions.

Our dream of a fair and far-improved platform - the best platform for workers and clients alike - is now within reach. We need proactive, competent, meticulous, and genuinely-committed leaders who would steer the platform in the right direction, so please vote wisely.

Claudia Flores Saviaga (@claudiasaviaga)

I joined this project this summer. I have experience as a worker in platforms like Elance and Freelancer. When I joined those platforms, it was difficult to be invited to a job because I had no reputation within the system for being a "newbie". Therefore, I would like to represent the workers in the board to make sure that new workers have a fair way of being considered for a job.

In my professional career, my interest has been ICT4D (Information and Communication Tecnologies for Development). In my job, I've worked in projects to deliver free internet to rural areas (as part of a governmental effort to give access to Internet to people from rural communities). You can watch a conference that I gave on the subject here. As a result, I believe in the potential of the platform to help people from around the world to get access to tasks no matter where they are, and with this have an extra income to support their families.

I will do this by:

1) Making sure that the reputation system is fair from the start.

2) Workers are paid fairly.

Dilrukshi Gamage (@dilrukshi)

I am Dilrukshi, a 2nd year PhD Student in the research areas of eLearning , MOOCs and HCI - www.dilrukshigamage.com

My Story ------ I've lived in Japan for 5-6 years (I could not speak or write their language). My only hope was to keep myself busy and earn an income through one of the crowdsourced sites. Although I was fully equipped with my skills and post my profile on oDesk, Freelancer, etc. , none of these sites were able to get me a single work. I am not sure whether my profile was even given a chance.

Why I contest --------- So in this context, I want to be the voice of the worker community and those who have never been given a chance to work from requesters or either the platform algorithms. My objective in this is to make sure that each worker has skills and that skills should be recognized and given a fair chance - either novice or expert. I will bring labor to the platform who has never been given chance on any other platform, so they make sure to shout out for what they get from us.

My activities Although I have been active in this project in the areas of user research/testing/paper writing and my primary focus are in Research engineering / User centered developments, I want to serve the community of the workers due to the negative experience I had.

Other than this, I have been a very active in many mass crowd environments. Specially in MOOCs, I have been serving as a community manager for many MOOCs, i.e. IDEO Human Centered Development Acumen course Catalyst. I was selected as the best community supporter in the Designing thinking MOOC in the Darden Business school University of Virginia in NovoEd platform.

Trygve Cossette @trygve

I have been with the project since its inception. My area of focus and interest has been on the Op/Gov side of things having managed the LB experiments and rapid prototyping of governance structures that support worker participation and empowerment. The results from those experiments were not only enlightening but were impactful on the UIST paper, which along with many of you, I had the good fortune of contributing to. As a recruiter I have dedicated my career to getting people work, and I understand first hand the challenges those in need of work face. I am moved by the opportunity to pursue this on a large scale through supporting the development of Daemo. I am an advocate of the principle that we should "Be What we Want to Become" and in that context the balance, trust and fairness we want in the final outcome should be embraced in the build of the platform. I joined the group because I believe in the "New Way of Work" and crowd sourcing is an instrument that can improve the quality of workers lives around the globe. It is this belief that I want to bring to the LB, that of mission, Mutual Trust and Symmetrical distribution of power. For more on my current thoughts regarding the future of the platform, please see Platform_Future

Platform Candidates

Tejas Sarma (@sarmatejas)

I am pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Electronics(Core) Engineering and have been an active participant in this research since early May. My passion lies in the design of the user interfaces and visual aspects of the platform that are key factors in its success. I am more inclined towards the implementation of new and creative ideas in the platform as I believe that a first impression is the last impression which will create a lasting impact in the minds of new users. Creative user interfaces are an integral part of any platform as along with being functionally robust, it needs to be visually appealing too. As I have observed from the existing platforms, the usual quotidian user interfaces that they consist of, do not seem to make any significant impact on the experience of the users. As a Platform User Interface Designer, my primary goals would be:

  1. To create unique user interface designs and improve the existing designs by adding necessary enhancements. These improvements will help the platform stand out among the competition.
  2. To design the logos and other visual icons and symbols required by this platform.
  3. To provide suitable suggestions and creative outputs for various other other visual effects and animation required for the dynamics of the platform.

If given a chance to serve in the Leadership Board, I would continue to participate in the research with increased vigor and increase dedication toward the design related aspects of the platform, interacting with all the others working toward the development of this one-of-a-kind platform. I aim to serve the platform at the highest level possible and work towards the common goal, that is the enhancement of the platform as a whole and its emergence in the arena as a true competitor. A good and effective leadership board would further accelerate this platform to its pinnacle. I believe that if I were to be elected as a member of the leadership board, I would gain valuable leadership skills and useful experience. I would request the members to vote for me if they consider me suitable for a position in the Leadership Board. These are my details for your reference: My Resume: [[1]] My LinkedIn Profile: [[2]]

Karolina Ziulkoski

I'm running representing the design side of the platform. I've joined the research this summer, and I became very involved since then, as I really believe in this project. I have a master's in Interactive Telecommunications and bachelor's degrees in both Advertising and Architecture, as first of class and summa cum laude. I've worked as an interactive designer/art director for advertising and museums, and I run my own company now in Brazil in the area. I have also been performing work as a project manager for many different endeavors, and I could apply this experience in the Leadership Board. As a DRI for some tasks, I have had the opportunity to engage with many participants in the project and also take a lead on the development of the platform, and I would like to effectively continue to do so by serving as a member of the board.

William Dai (@williamdai)

I will be a senior in high school this coming school year. Prior to joining this project, I interned as a staff affiliate in a neuroscience lab at Yale School of Medicine last summer and was an engineering intern at the Aerospace headquarters of Parker Hannifin this summer.

I have been involved with this project since late June. Since then, I have contributed rather extensively to the paper writing efforts prior to the UIST paper submission, assisted the front-end design by working on making Angela Richmond-Fuller’s original design Powerpoint images into a working HTML reality as part of Team Pumas, and provided unique usability feedback and insights from not just workers and requesters, but also professional software engineers - thus inspiring new directions of possible growth for the platform by sparking conversation about providing mobile support for Daemo.

In addition, I had the opportunity to participate in several Google Hangouts and observe the interactions of the team leaders and DRIs of all the platform aspects. In doing so, I have gained a better understanding of how to lead discussions and keep motivation high among all participants. I am highly motivated to see this platform and research effort succeed and grow because I believe that through Daemo, much needed social change can be instigated and lead to a better world. If granted the opportunity to serve on the leadership board, I will do my utmost to bring up the concerns of workers, requestors, and researchers alike in an impartial manner and work to minimize friction, ensuring the best outcome to our continued efforts. Thank you in advance for your support.

Alison Cossette (@acossette)

I have been involved in the research project since it's inception this past spring on Team Rath. The majority of my work to date has been in the area of open governance including work on the Open Gov prototyping experiment and contributing to the UIST paper. I have also made contributions to the reputation system and leveling and participated as a member of the Mock Leadership Board. While my work here has been mostly non-technical, as a data scientist, I spend many hours coding each week and look forward to using my technical knowledge to support the engineering efforts of the project. I am a strong believer in the global impact of what is possible with Daemo. The world of work is changing throughout the world and it is key that there be a platform where people can make a living, feed their families and do so in a safe and ethical environment. We have taken on the challenge of coding ethics - this is not a small task and we have a lot of work ahead of us. It is important that through the development process we create an organization that can move forward swiftly and thoughtfully. We must continue to support an environment of creativity and innovation, while also keeping forward movement consistent. We can continue to utilize the crowdresearch structure to test and solve the challenges of the platform to bring a successful and sustainable platform to the world. I feel incredibly fortunate to have been afforded the opportunity to work with such a special group of talented minds to break new ground in the world of work.

Durim Morina (@dmorina)

I have a degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from the Jacobs University in Bremen, Germany. I currently work for a Munich-based company as a Software Engineer. I've been involved in the project since the very beginning when most of the work was strictly research. My team Betzy quickly became a key player in the development of the platform itself. The team consists of myself, a fellow developer, and a designer. We have come up with the main data architecture of the current platform with help from other coders, of course. Since we not only designed but also implemented the architecture and helped out in other areas, I feel well-equipped to play a part as a board member of Daemo. I believe in this project and would like to see it come to fruition.