Leadership Board Elections - July 2015

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Leadership Board Overview

Board Format

The Leadership Board will consist of 7 members

  • 2 representing Workers
  • 2 representing Requesters
  • 3 representing the platform including ops, governance, engineering, design, research etc.


This Leadership Board's tenure will run from 8/1/15 through 10/31/15.

Responsibilities & Expectations

Availability: Participation of all members of the Leadership Board is key for decisions and actions to truly represent the best interest of the platform. Meeting times and frequency will vary to best accommodate members but a reasonable level of availability is required.

Participation: We ask that your participation levels remain consistent both leading up to and during your tenure in the Leadership Board. The Board functions best when it's in touch with the ever-changing research and platform needs.

Responsibilities: The specific agenda items to be covered by the Leadership Board during this tenure have yet to be determined. Possible topic areas may, however, include: scope of Leadership Board responsibilities, role of Leadership Board in overall structure of organization, platform mission statement, conflict resolution procedures, payment methods, etc.

Leadership Board Elections

Leadership Board Election Process

Item Timeline
  • Announce Candidacy on Wiki


  • Declare whether running as Worker, Requester, Platform
  • Post Bio/Background etc.
By Monday, July 27 9am PST
  • Review Candidates on Wiki
All day Monday
  • Voting via Google Form - to insure "one person, one vote"
Tuesday 9am PST
  • Voting Ends
Thursday 9am PST
  • Election Winners Announced
Approximately Thursday 9pm PST
  • New Leadership Board takes effect during Saturday's Hangout
August 1, 2015