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The following is a draft and is currently a work in progress. It is a suggestion of the intentions of the Leadership Board. It has not been voted on, nor accepted by, any acting Leadership Board. - As of 7/25/15 per Alison Cossette

Mission Statement

To uphold the ideals of the best online jobs platform (community empowerment, trust, transparency, and reliability) and persistently and relentlessly effect actions and decisions towards this end.


The Leadership Board (LB) was born out of the aspiration to employ an open governance structure to an online jobs platform. This marks the unprecedented use of open governance in this industry.

After conducting experiments to test the efficacy of three governance structures (namely, LB, Participatory Democracy, Weighted Democracy) and related surveys in May and June 2015, we have concluded that a Leadership Board would be the most suitable open governance structure for our platform. The experimental mock LB has paved the way for the establishment of the real LB on July 2015.

Voting Criteria, Rules and Procedure

  1. There are two criteria in deciding which member deserves to be on the LB: length, frequency, and impact of participation (participation in project activities: coding/Trello/milestones/Wiki and Hangout/Slack discussions), and intensity of genuine commitment to uphold the best interests and ideals of the platform and its community. The latter is extremely important.
  2. To prevent voting inflation, those belonging to teams cannot vote for any team member.

• Voting Procedure

Statement of Commitment

In establishing policy for and on behalf of Leadership Board (LB) members and platform community, I am a custodian in trust of the platform. The members recognize the need for competent and committed elected LB members to serve the LB and the platform community's best interests. As a LB member, I acknowledge and commit that I will observe a high standard of ethics and conduct as I devote my best efforts, skills and resources in the interest of LB and the platform community. The future welfare of the platform community depends upon the quality of decisions the LB makes, therefore I will perform my duties as a LB member in such a manner that member confidence and trust in the integrity, objectivity and impartiality of LB are conserved and enhanced. To do otherwise would be a breach of the trust, which has been bestowed upon me.

Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct outlines the minimum expected commitment and conduct of the Leadership Board members as they work together to advance the Board’s strategic plan and uphold the platform's ideals.

A Leadership Board (LB) member should:

• Make decisions that conform to and uphold the LB’s mission.

• Act on behalf of and for the good of the board and platform community, not for personal or professional interests, nor for the interests of any specific constituency. Make decisions considering what best benefits the platform community – ask yourself, if the vast diversity of the platform community were in the room, what would they say/want the LB to be providing?

• Demonstrate through directives, actions, and behavior the importance of integrity and ethical values to support the functioning of the Board and entire platform.

• Participate in discussions, deliberations, and decisions in a courteous, considerate, and collegial manner. Prepare for (e.g. read all material ahead of time; be familiar with past actions/discussions that inform meeting discussions) and attend LB meetings.

• Use your best judgment. Make decisions based on sound information, considering diverse opinions including the subject matter expertise of other LB members.

• Stay informed about emerging trends in the online jobs space and outside factors and trends influencing it.

• Not disclose confidential information about the LB and the platform.

• Comply with the LB’s written ethics policy and conflict of interest policy regarding disclosure, avoidance, recusal, and management of conflicts of interest.

• Comply with applicable federal, state and local laws.

• Adhere to the LB’s bylaws and other governing documents.

Current Members

Meeting Notes