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== Milestones ==
== Milestones ==
[[Milestone 1]] - due on FILL IN DUE DATE
[[Milestone 1]] - 11:59 pm 4th March 2015
== About this wiki ==
== About this wiki ==

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Welcome to the wiki for the Crowd Research project!


Slack - used for chat and discussion


General Weekly Plan

- Saturday morning 9 am PST: Prof meeting with participants and milestone set for the next week (over Google Hangout on Air)

- Saturday after meeting - Wednesday midnight PST: participants work on their milestones (~5 days)

- Post Wednesday midnight PST - Friday morning 9 am PST: peer-evaluation by the participants (1+ days)

- Friday post 9 am PST - Friday evening PST: Research Assistants (RAs) check the top submissions and meet the Prof in evening. Pre-weekly meeting discussions happen. Milestones designed for the upcoming week etc.

- Saturday morning 9 am PST: Prof meets based on the input from RAs and top submissions. Participants receive their next milestone and a feedback survey after every meeting.


Milestone 1 - 11:59 pm 4th March 2015

About this wiki


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