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Following the last open-gov hangout, I have proposed reaching out to the " real crowd" and deicide on which of the three LB scenarios we are going to adopt, I'm working on a Model/Scale/Key performance indicator to understand and decide at this stage could be considered as a draft to establish the official one .


We earlier proposed open-gov as a solution to many problems that we think they are exist in the market, two goals we aim to accomplish by applying this new model are  :

1- Design a platform that continues to evolve and meet the challenges in the market.

2- Creating a space to the crowd to express themselves and engage in the activities .

Measurement model

Measuring first goal by :

1- No of Ideas generated

2- No of Ideas considered new in the market

3- No of decisions taken by LB considered right to the decisions considered wrong .

4- Time taken by the system to : Discuss, upvote, and decide on the issues.

Measuring Second goal by :

1- No of the crowd engaged in the system ( on the Forum, Voting, nomination to LB, ...)

2-Satisfaction survey .