MileStone 4 Team Nike Extended Empathy System: Team Nike Extended Empathy System

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Abstract Idea for Profile Match Making

                      Our proposal is to add one system which not only matches the Requester's need for skills, 

for a particular HIT to the Worker's profile but also matches the new worker's profile with the experienced worker's profile so that he/she can get guidance from the experienced one. This profile matchmaking concept will encourage the new worker to work and also a good guidance from the experienced worker will lead the new worker to work from the start efficiently. Our main goal for Profile match making is like building a system like Linke-din in which workers can have their skills well managed and also endorsed by other workers and the basic matching skills should be compared with other workers. For example ,

For a HIT like For making quality food dish what we need to add ......... ????

If an experienced worker had worked on this HIT like 100 time and expected to have almost all the knowledge about the HIT he can guide the new Worker how he/she can earn a good money and can easily complete the task. This can only happen if the new worker have any contact with the experienced one. We propose such a system which automatically match the matching skills of the workers.

Also we are proposing one feedback system in which the new worker can give positive or negative feedback based on the guidance he got from the experienced Worker. The feedback system is included because the experienced worker can't lead the new worker in the wrong path.

A Simple Flow Chart