Milestone 10

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This week you will improve your prototype so that you can actually go use and test it, and go do some user studies and get feedback on it by testing it on other people!

Why do User Studies?

User studies are great for getting feedback on your ideas and finding flaws before you spend days implementing them and pushing them into production. Hence, it's especially important to continually do user studies on prototypes to find areas for improvement early on, as opposed to finding flaws only after you have already built and launched your platform.

User Studies

Some resource about conducting user studies will go here!


Submit at according to which of the 4 foundational ideas (listed at )

Foundation 1: Macro and Micro

Foundation 2: Input/output transducers

Foundation 3: External quality ratings

Foundation 4: Open Governance


Remember to comment on each others' submissions on the site!

Weekly Survey