Milestone 10

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This week you will improve your prototype so that you can actually go present it to potential users and get feedback, and go do some heuristic evaluation with users to get feedback on your prototype!

Improving your Prototype

First, based on feedback you have received from peers and from looking at other prototypes, refine your prototype further so that you have something that you can show to potential users and get feedback on.

Why do Heuristic Evaluation with Users?

Heuristic evaluation with users is great for getting feedback on your ideas from actual potential users, and finding flaws before you spend days implementing them and pushing them into production. Hence, it's especially important to continually do informal user studies (heuristic evaluations) on prototypes to find areas for improvement early on, as opposed to finding flaws only after you have already built and launched your platform.

How to do heuristic evaluation with users

See the HCI lecture series about doing heuristic evaluation with users

Also see the bootleg for more resources on testing prototypes with users.

Where can we find users?

Turker forums are a great place to start, if you want to find potentially interested workers and requesters to chat with! Ask around on Slack if having trouble finding users.


Please submit:

1) Your updated prototype

2) A writeup summarizing the key findings you observed during your heuristic evaluation with users

The writeup should discuss the most salient feedback and observations you made while doing heuristic evaluation with each of your users (You should aim to try out your prototype with at least 2 different people. If the idea you are prototyping impacts both workers and requesters, try to get at least one of each type). Then, summarize the main findings into some concise bullet points, and finally some potential improvements to the idea and prototype that you have observed as a result of these studies.


Create Wiki Page

Please create a wiki page for your team's submission at (substituting in YourTeamName with the team name). Copy over the template at Milestone 10 Template .

Submission Categories

Submit at in the category according to which of the 4 foundational ideas you are prototyping. Submit by Wednesday at midnight (pacific time).

Foundation 1: Macro and Micro at some url

Foundation 2: Input/output transducers at some url

Foundation 3: External quality ratings at some url

Foundation 4: Open Governance at some url

List Your Submission

Please list your submission at Milestone 10 Submissions


Remember to comment on each others' submissions on the site, after Thursday 12:05am (pacific time), and before Friday at noon (pacific time)

Weekly Survey

Please fill out the weekly survey so we can improve your crowd research experience