Milestone 10 Padawans

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Foundation Idea

Categorizing Workers

Our platform categorizes its workers into 'Grades' based on various factors like Reputation, no. of correct HITs, etc. There are four grades of workers namely A, B, C and D. Each grade is associated with a minimum wage payment and has workers with certain reputation. New workers do not belong to any Grade. After working on various tasks they eventually gain reputation and are promoted to different grades. The highest grade is Grade A. Workers also mention their areas of specialty using 'Tags' while profile creation.

Designing Task

When a requester posts a HIT, he gets to choose what grade of workers are allowed to work on his HIT. Choosing grade B allows only grade A and B workers to work on the HIT. Similarly choosing grade C allows A, B and C grade workers to work on the HIT. This shall act as a quality check for the Requester. For payment, the requester may choose to pay any amount greater than or equal to the minimum pay of the chosen grade. This shall ensure minimum wage payment for the workers. Besides choosing the grade, requester categorizes HIT using 'Tags' to show nature of the HIT.

Markets on our Forum

There are two types of markets namely open market and closed market. In an open market there is no constraint on the type of worker working on the task. However in a closed market, there is a constraint on the type of worker who can work on a specific task (decided by the requester as above).

Task Assignment

Task once submitted is posted in the closed market i.e workers of grades >= grade chosen by requester . Now every worker of those grades are assigned work based on tags of the job using Recommendation Algorithms in e-commerce sites like Amazon, ebay. This ensures that every HIT is assigned at least one worker who can review it or perform it as stated below. Now there is an option for a worker to proceed with the task assigned or Reject the task. A worker may reject task due to personal choice or due some dissatisfaction with the HIT. In the latter case, he may down-vote and proceed as follows.

Down-vote Mechanism

Now let us look at how the down voting system works. If a worker feels that the job description is not good, or payment is less, he/she can reject the task. For rejection they must provide a review and a reason why they rejected. If the worker was unhappy he may 'Down-vote' the HIT or may simply “Proceed” to view the next assigned task. If a requester gets a certain number of down votes or more, he is forced to go through the reviews and make appropriate changes. However, payment options can’t be revised. This is to prevent any kind of under-payment.

Task in Open Market

After making the changes, the task now goes to the open market. This time the task can be assigned to any worker new / graded. The worker may perform the HIT or reject. If worker performs task, he gets the earlier promised pay irrespective of his grade and boost to his reputation.

New Workers

For new workers, jobs in the open market are the only tasks they can work upon. After working on these tasks they gradually earn a reputation and are promoted to various grades.

Additional Features

Work Review System

Requester can ask other workers to check the responses for a nominal fee. Such requests shall go to the open market. These type of tasks shall be performed mostly by new workers who are looking for reputation and promotion.

Requester Review Mechanism

Workers may assign grades to requesters too. HITs by higher grade requesters shall be given priority while task assignment.

Complaint forum

Like in our previous milestones, we can implement a complaint forum wherein workers can file a complaint about a requester if they have been cheated during payment or work rejected due to wrong HIT design. If the complaint gains certain number of up-votes, then requester has to pay a penalty to the worker. However, this forum can lead to corruption and there has to be a central body which makes unbiased decisions.


User Study

We came up with our prototype this week. Due to the lack of feedback, we have not been able to do User Study. We request you to kindly give us your feedback on our idea and prototype so that we can improve upon it.