Milestone 10 UWI

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User Study: 2 Participants

Requester Role:

Prefer to check the old posts rather than newest one when reading notifications.

Task description should be below, because the task result is more important.

For the feedback, there’s high possibility for requesters only choose “at level” in all skill evaluation.

It is not clear that the requesters can skip any skill evaluation or stop giving feedback at anytime.

Some skills (e.g. soft skills) that ask requesters to evaluate are not obviously to show how these skills relate to the task.

Participant 1 does not care what tools the worker used as long as the worker finished the task well.

Requesters may not be willing to give feedback if there are too many skills need to evaluate.

Participant 1 did not want to leave comment. He said “it is impossible for me to give comment on every single skill. I may leave a general comment if the work’s skill is not good and did finish my task well."

It’s necessary to see how many feedbacks have been left.

The points system we generated encourages requesters taking feedback and skill evaluation more serious.

If the requester does not use the platform frequently, he may not care about the feedback at all, because he care nothing about building relationship with workers and remaining good profile.

It is good to have skill names written in Big font size. Easy to read.

Notification number should match the actual number of notifications.

Continuously seeing the task result along with the evaluation process is good.

Participant 2 would like to comment on the task result.

Participant 2 tended to write more comment if there only "above level" and "below level choices”.

Worker Role:

Skill bar is not clear what “2”, “3”, etc. refer to.

“Following” is not clear who/what is followed by the worker? (“Am I following the workers? requesters? or tasks?)

Most tasks a worker usually only does once; therefore, it’s meaningless for a worker to follow the task

It’s not clear about the meaning of “Achievements."

Both participants have needs of reviewing old comments for single skill.

Participant 2 were considering about the privacy setting and personal modification on the profile sections arrangement.

Participant 2 mentioned that multilevel tasks need approval, so it’s hard to make anything out of the skills.

The animation of scrolling through the skill level bar looks fun.

Offline event section brings more personality to the profile.

A worker will have the will to see comments left on other workers’ profile.

Two participants are willing to have real name and profile picture and reveal partial personal information for increasing the credibility.

Updated Prototype